September 20, 2008


We are pleased to have carried the work of Coast Salish artist lessLIE since 2006.  His innovative work consists of original paintings and limited edition prints using forms from his Coast Salish heritage.

"Coast Salish bracelets, collected only in the 18th and 19th centuries, were made of goat horn. Most of these bracelets had what some scholars believed to be decorative, non representational designs. As a contemporary Coast Salish artist, it is my contention that these designs were an ambiguous and abstract way of visually expressing the Coast Salish world view. For this reason, in the center of this design, I have placed two ambiguous, visually vague faces, which are flanked by abstract, "decorative" designs. 

these aesthetic principles 
are not mere aesthetic principles 
they are actual principles 
to live by in lIFe 

these motifs are not mere motifs 
they are actual cultural beliefs 
to live by in lIFe 

these designs are not mere designs 
they are actual cultural interpretations 
of the grand designs of the cosmos" 

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