January 19, 2009

Walter Harris

Chief Walter Harris of Kispiox (Gitksan Nation) passed away on January 12th, 2008. Walter was both a great friend to Lattimer Gallery and one of the most accomplished and respected artists working in British Columbia over the past forty years. Highlights of his career included his participation in the 1980 The Legacy exhibition which travelled through Canada and Scotland, the completion of a stone sculpture which is housed in Canada’s House of Commons, and receiving the Governor General’s Award in 2003. Walter received the exclusive Order of Canada in 2005. His influence on younger generations was immense. He will never be forgotten.

Art is my life and the life of my people. I want my work to live and carry on the rich tradition of my people. I have always felt the importance of passing on my knowledge and skill as an artist … for our art connects us to our past, intertwines us to the present, and makes way for the future. - Walter Harris

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