January 16, 2010

Robert Davidson 'Four Decades' Book

Robert Davidson's Four Decades: An Innocent Gesture provides a stunning overview of one of the most significant cultural projects in modern Canadian art history. Robert Davidson, as an emerging 22-year-old artist, carved and erected the first totem pole in Masset in over 100 years. Assisted by his younger brother, Reg Davidson, Robert carved the pole in the open and became the focal point for the community. He received feedback from elders on historical pole raisings, provided apprenticeships for younger artists, and began a process that led to a full-scale modern potlatch at the completion.
Since this event, Robert has hosted many cultural events at great personal expense, time and research to both recreate historical traditions and to acknowledge contemporary issues, events and the contributions of individuals.
The book is self-published and includes personal and archival photographs documenting the event.
Every copy is signed by Robert, the book is 96 pages long, and they are available at Lattimer Gallery.

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