April 9, 2010

Bill Reid Gallery - Tale of Two Artists

Vancouver's Bill Reid Gallery recently opened a new show titled 'A Tale of Two Artists'. Comparing the works of celebrated Haida artist Bill Reid with the innovative works of emerging Haida artist John Brent Bennett, this exhibition explores some of the ways in which historical events and aesthetic standards affect contemporary creations. John's work is clearly Haida when considering the symbolism and stylistic elements, but he often alters colours, textures or materials to reflect his own interpretations and artistic outlook. The show runs until July 11, 2010.

Lattimer Gallery has carried John's work since he began creating work for the market and we have always done very well with it. From white gold earrings to sterling silver cuff bracelets, John's work is always very well-made and original. His limited edition prints are particularly interesting, often fusing Haida formline with photographic elements. For example, John's Positive and Negative of Montreal (shown above) depicts a daytime shot of downtown Montreal which has been overlayed with a nighttime shot, the nighttime shot being distinguished by Haida U-forms. John completed his Masters degree in printmaking at Concordia University, and this print represents his atypical role as a Haida artist living and working in Montreal.

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