December 7, 2010

Kwi Jones 'Stone Ribs' Painting

Lattimer Gallery is now selling an intriguing, mysterious painting by Haida artist and curator, Kwiaahwah Jones. It is selling for $1,000.00 at Lattimer Gallery, and Kwi provided us with the following story:

"Stone Ribs is the son of Jilla Kun (Creek Woman - aka Supernatural Woman who Started the Eagle Clans of the Haida). Stone Ribs owned several skins in which he could transform into whatever skin he owned.

He owned a Martin Skin, and a Copper Jacket. His Supernatural Grandfather lent him another skin, the skin of the Halibut, which gave him great power. There was a village nearby, Skedans, where the people were being terrorized and killed by Kaagawaay, the five-finned sea monster. They say that Kaagaawaay had a human face at the base of each of his fins. Stone Ribs went to help the people who lived at Skedans. He transformed himself into a baby. From there he grew up fast, challenged Kaagaawaay, and eventually killed him using his Halibut skin. From this, Stone Ribs took the skin of Kaagaawaay and travelled about to show off his supernatural skins. All of the supernatural creatures were happy that he killed Kaagaawaay and helped the people. Stone Ribs' grandfather took back his halibut skin, and he left Kaagaawaay’s skin at Skedans and went back to his mother Jilla Kuns. Stone Ribs is also featured in a number of other Haida legends.

This particular piece shows Stone Ribs after he's killed Kaagaawaay: the 5 skulls represent the 5 human heads on Kaagaawaay's 5 fins."

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