July 25, 2011

Delicate New Jewellery by Sharifah Marsden

Elegant and eye-catching, Sharifah's work provides a femine perspective featuring floral, beadwork and basketry designs.

In 2009, Ojibwa artist Sharifah Marsden graduated from Vancouver's Northwest Coast Jewellery Arts Program under established Kwakwaka'wakw artist Dan Wallace. Since, then she has been involved in various projects including helping to paint Western Canada's largest mural along the outer wall of the Orwell Hotel and carving an exquisite sterling silver pendant for our Silver 25th Anniversary Show.

Sharifah has always explored her Ojibwa roots and has most recently taken her engraving talents further, creating a diverse selection of sterling silver bracelets and earrings. The pieces are elaborately and delicately carved featuring various floral, beadwork and basketry designs and range in price from $100.00 CAD - $600.00 CAD.

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