September 14, 2011

Help Support the Pacific Salmon Foundation

Over 190 species of plants and animals depend on salmon: from algae and mosses to bears, whales and people. For salmon to survive and thrive, these genetically diverse fish need access to healthy habitat, food, good water quality and enough water in streams. Achieving healthy, sustainable and naturally diverse Pacific salmon stocks requires time, money and dedicated people.

In the past 22 years, through several programs, the Pacific Salmon Foundation has filled, and continues to fill, many of these needs.

The Foundation continues to raise funds and direct funding to grassroots, volunteer and community-driven projects focused on the conservation and recovery of Pacific salmon. The Foundation supports research and science, then integrates this knowledge into program plans at the community and watershed level. The Foundation works with First Nations, private companies, educational institutions, non-profit groups, all levels of government, and commercial and recreational anglers to bring salmon back to our streams.

On Wednesday September 28th Lattimer Gallery will donate 15% of sales to the Pacific Salmon Foundation.

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