December 5, 2011

Thank You For Helping Us Raise $21,250 for UNYA

We'd like to thank all our wonderful customers and participating artists who have supported us in raising $21,250.85 for Urban Native Youth Association. This year we had an outstanding level of participation from everyone - we couldn't have done it without you!

Here is a complete list of the final bids:

Joe Campbell, Thunderbird, $600.00
Robert Davidson, Eye See 2 Rainbows, $5,000.00
Gwaai Edenshaw, This Side Up (kaleidoscope), $550.00
Phil Gray, Man-E-Faces, $600.00
Bradley Hunt, Make Shift Shelter, $550.00
Dean Hunt, A Helping Hand, $500.00
Shawn Hunt, Frog, $2,650.00
Sharifah Marsden, Wedding Gift, $850.00
James Michels, The Celebration, $700.00
Aaron Nelson-Moody, Glimpse, $1,050.00
Marie Oldfield, Broken Treasure, $1,000.00
Ian Reid (Nusi), Prayer Box, $350.00
Rod Smith, Four Directions, $950.00
Steve Smith, ...But...I Still Love You!!, $800.00
Ernest Swanson, Lesson Learned (Lazy-son-in-law), $850.00
Barry Wilson, Creations, $550.00
The Wilson Sisters, Go Canucks Go!, $450.00
Clinton Work, Boxed Lunch, $2,500.00

The money raised will be donated to Urban Native Youth Association, a Vancouver organization which has been providing 21 prevention-focused programs and services to Native Youth since 1988 to help them meet their immediate and longer-term needs. They will be starting an Endowment Fund for Native youth, and we are pleased to announce that we will be partnering with UNYA for the next two years for this Charity Bentwood Box Silent Auction.

We would like would like to thank all of participating artists for their creative efforts: Joe Campbell (Coast Salish, Robert Davidson (Haida), Gwaai Edenshaw (Haida), Phil Gray (Tsimshian/Cree), Bradley Hunt (Heiltsuk), Dean Hunt (Heiltsuk), Shawn Hunt (Heiltsuk), Sharifah Marsden (Ojibwa), James Michels (Metis), Aaron Nelson-Moody (Coast Salish), Marie Oldfield (Haida), Ian Reid (Heiltsuk) Rod Smith (Kwakwaka’wakw), Steve Smith (Kwakwaka’wakw), Ernest Swanson (Haida), Barry Wilson (Haisla), Laura, Shoshana, Tallulah, Tara and Tasha Wilson (Hasila) and Clint Work (Kwakwaka’wakw).

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