March 19, 2012

Ian Reid - Returning Spirit

Heiltsuk artist Ian Reid's newest mask combines a Northwest Coast portrait mask with Buddhist philosophy.

The prayer flags on the mask reference the common structures of the Buddha way of living and our old way of living that we are just hanging onto by a thread. It is important to nurture the little ones to prepare their minds and teach the language and the ways of dancing that impersonate the supernatural. To use the ways of the old world in the present and to practice them in today’s teaching will keep us grounded.

The two columns situated on the top of the mask indicate the portrait’s association with the ghosts in the Spirit World; he has come back from traveling the world with his ancestors to be with his people. He carries a spirit with him to re-live another life in the realm, one more time. He will continue his work from his previous life with his people.
Nusi (Ian Reid)

This piece measures 16 1/2" x 12" x 5" and is available for $2,800.00 CAD.

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