August 1, 2012

Cody Lecoy: YVRAF Scholarship Winner

Cody Lecoy, In the Face of Might, 24" x 36", $600.00 CAD

Cody Lecoy is a promising young Salish artist of only 23 years of age. Currently, he is in his fourth year at Kwantlen College's Fine Arts Program where he has learned to apply a variety of artistic techniques to his acrylic paintings on canvas.

Since 2011, his mentor has been prominent Coast Salish painter Lawrence Paul Yuxwelptun. Cody has received the Vancouver International Airport Art Foundation Scholarship for two consecutive years - once in 2011 and again in 2012. His new work can be found at YVR and will be displayed for the duration of one year.

Cody's paintings are artworks not defined to be traditionally Northwest Coast, yet within in them are Northwest Coast design elements. The placement of Northwest Coast design elements in non-traditional designs has been both an inspiration and a challenge for young contemporary artists, and we have seen a recent trend in this type of work. Cody's unique sense of style uses natural landscapes as a backdrop for layers and intricate combinations of faces and creatures.

Ideas are born in my mind, and felt while painting, painting becomes a grounding act, bridging the mind and the heart giving rise to ideas clear in intention. With intent to find deep connection within, the Art of the Northwest coast has become a valuable teacher. The art pays respect to nature illustrating the one as whole. With this approach I wish to demonstrate synchronicity between the Outside world and soul. The art is a synthesis of my interests, various spiritual practice have garnered lessons of similar nature.

-Cody Lecoy

Two of his works are available at the gallery: In the Face of Might, 24" x 36", $600.00 CAD and Ridicule Mask, 36" x 36", $600.00 CAD.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats Cody!
Your works are very interesting!
From The Bodens :)