February 9, 2013

Valentine's Treat by Sharifah Marsden

Sharifah Marsden s/s heart-shaped pendants, 3/4" x 7/8", $120.00 each; Don Lancaster s/s totem beads, $30.00 each
Ojibway artist Sharifah Marsden has engraved beautiful heart-shaped pendants that would be great for that special someone this Valentine's Day. Sharifah's work is indicative of her Ojibway heritage and is detailed with beading, weaving and basketry designs. These pendants are small and versatile; they can be worn on the popular Pandora-style bracelets, on a necklace, or wherever your heart desires. Add a few small Don Lancaster sterling silver totem beads for some extra sparkle! Each heart-shaped pendant is available for $120.00 CAD, and each Don Lancaster totem bead for $30.00 CAD.

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