July 9, 2013

Philip Gray (Tsimshian/Cree) Red Cedar Panels

Philip Gray, Red Cedar Panels, 60" x 96", Bear, Frog, Moon

Tsimshian/Cree artist Philip Gray is known for his clean lines and flowing designs, and these custom ordered red cedar triptych panels are no exception. From left to right, the set of panels depicts deeply carved Bear, Moon, Dragonfly and Frog designs enclosed by a thick border. The flow of the design is momentarily interrupted by the negative spaces in between each panel, creating a visual effect that requires the viewer to piece together the full design. Each panel measures 60” x 30”: the sheer size of these beautiful panels is enough to leave you in awe.

Close up: Bear (Panel 1)

Close Up: Dragonfly (Panel 2)

Close Up: Frog (Panel 3)

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