November 18, 2013

Winter 2013 Newsletter

Featured in our Winter 2013 Newsletter is the Lattimer Gallery Annual Charity Bentwood Box Event. At Lattimer Gallery, the past six holiday seasons have begun with an exciting Charity Bentwood Box silent auction, with each year’s donations surpassing the last. What begins as a blank cedar bentwood box is transformed into a beautiful work of art, all in the name of charity. To date, Lattimer Gallery has raised a total of $67,920 for Aboriginal organizations through this one event. Artists for 2013 include Phil Gray (Cree/Tsimshian), Shawn Hunt (Heiltsuk), and Nathan Wilson (Haisla).

Lattimer Gallery Winter 2013 Newsletter

The Winter 2013 Newsletter also includes an article on the TINAA Northwest Coast Art Auction. On February 1st, the Sealaska Heritage Institute in Juneau, Alaska will be holding a large auction to raise funds for their new facility. This new landmark development will be called the Walter Soboleff Center and will house research labs, contain exhibition space, and provide climate-controlled storage areas for Alaska’s First Nations communities. 

Bradley Hunt Salmon People Panel

We have also included some information on a new piece to the gallery, The Salmon People cedar panel by Heiltsuk artist Bradley Hunt. Says Bradley, "This panel represents the sacred connection between us and the salmon. It symbolizes the spiritual and physical wealth that the salmon bring to our people." The panel measures 36" in diameter and is available for $5,800.00 CAD.

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