March 7, 2014

Nathan Wilson Panels

Lattimer Gallery has been carrying the work of Haisla artist Nathan Wilson since 2009. Nephew of popular Haisla jewellers Derek and Barry Wilson, Nathan is focusing on wood carving and his work is already in demand within the Northwest Coast market. In the fall of 2013, Lattimer Gallery commissioned a 27” x 21 ½” red cedar panel by Nathan for a client in Ottawa. This rectangular panel was titled Diving Eagle and represented “intelligence, peace, and energy”. This panel was priced at $2,000.00 CAD.

Nathan Wilson Diving Eagle Panel

Nathan recently brought us a smaller but incredibly detailed round panel titled Coastal Interaction. Measuring 18” in diameter, this yellow cedar panel depicts a bear, a salmon, two eagles, and a small human figure with abalone eyes. It represents the interdependence of animals on the West Coast and has been created in the iconic red and black colour scheme found within all Northwest Coast Native art. It is currently available for $1,400.00 CAD. Lattimer Gallery always tries to have pieces available for sale by Nathan, but he also accepts commissions through the gallery. Please inquire with any custom requests you might have, and be sure to check our website regularly for new pieces by this talented young artist.

Nathan Wilson Coastal Interaction Panel

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