May 30, 2014

Val Malesku Prints

Cree artist Val Malesku has been active in the Northwest Coast Native art market for more than 30 years. Best known for her distinctive hand-filed silver and gold formline jewellery, Val has a broad skill set and has been deeply involved in Haida culture and ceremony for decades. From designing button blankets to helping produce regalia, Val has always applied her creativity to a wide variety of media. In 2012, Val won an award through Vancouver International Airport and was commissioned to create a series of street banners that lined the streets heading to the airport. Later in 2012, Val produced her first limited edition print. This print, titled Salmon Eggs Unleashed, was a Northwest Coast interpretation of a pattern scheme made famous by British artist, Damien Hirst. 

Val Malesku Spring Salmon Print

Val Malesku Summer Salmon Print

In 2014, Val is continuing along this path and has produced two open edition giclée prints. A giclée is a form of high quality digital printing that allows artists to produce works with a depth and dynamism that is often difficult to attain through serigraphy. The first print that she produced this year is titled Spring Salmon, and the second print is titled Summer Salmon. Both prints measure 13" tall by 16" long and are hand-signed by the artist. In addition, both prints are retailing for $30.00 CAD and can be purchased through our sister site, Native Art Prints.

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