March 21, 2009

Dan Wallace 'Rip Tide'

Dan Wallace has been extremely busy over the past two years as the head instructor and educational coordinator for Vancouver's Northwest Coast Jewellery Arts program, which is being held at the Native Education College. We are always excited when he is able to bring us a new piece, especially when considering his hectic schedule these days! He recently brought us an outstanding silver bracelet, which measures 1 1/2" x 6". It is titled 'Rip Tide' and it fully demonstrates Dan's sophisticated design sense and technical skills. Within this abstract composition there is a 'Raven' figure, a 'Salmon-Trouthead' figure and a human face. These figurative elements are united by classic Northwest Coast design elements such as the "tri-neg", the "ovoid" and the "split-U". The oxidization of the bracelet works to place on emphasis on both the depth of Dan's carving and his exemplary linework.

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