March 6, 2009

YVR Art Foundation

Peter Lattimer recently accepted a position on the Vancouver International Airport Art Foundation Board. As a member of the Board, Peter will have a voice in matters pertaining to the Native art within the Vancouver Airport. The YVR Art Foundation has made it a priority to present, explain and promote the art of British Columbia's Coastal First Nations. The Vancouver International Airport is an ideal setting in which to showcase the artwork that is native to the Northwest Coast, as it is one of the busiest hubs for international travel in the world and is situated in a picturesque, central setting. In addition to promoting some of the best Native art in Vancouver, the YVR Art Foundation is dedicated to encouraging young Native artists, maintaining an annual Scholarship Program and advocating for Native art in the public forum. Our airport has become renowned for its beauty and artwork, and Peter is excited to begin his three-year placement in this important role.

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