July 21, 2009

Beat Nation - Website and Exhibition

Vancouver's Grunt Gallery is currently hosting an exhibition titled Beat Nation: Hip-Hop as Indigenous Culture which explores the influence of hip-hop, urban culture on Aboriginal art within North America. A website (http://beatnation.org/index.html) has been created in conjunction with the show, which features biographies, video clips, music downloads and artwork from the participants. Featuring artists such as Andrew Dexel and Morgan Green, Beat Nation is an engaging and successful exhibition because it investigates the wide-spread influence of North American hip-hop culture, within the context of First Nations creative output. Areas such as music, writing and graffiti are all touched upon, in addition to traditional areas such as sculpture and 2-D creations.

The show has been co-curated by Tania Willard and Skeena Reece, and it runs at the Grunt Gallery until August 1, 2009. This is such a diverse and well-presented show.

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