September 7, 2009

Nathan Wilson Skateboard

On December 4, 2008 we posted a blog entry about Freddie Wilson's (Haida) argillite skateboard with trade bead wheels. Well, another young artist has created a skateboard in the Northwest Coast style. Haisla artist Nathan Wilson recently brought us a life-size skateboard - made from yellow cedar - with a Killerwhale and Human design. This skateboard cannot be used, as it is made from yellow cedar instead of a cross-laminated hardwood, but it has been based upon a full-size modern board. Nathan and Freddie are among a large group of urban First Nations artists who are highly influenced by pop culture and big-city life. There are some wonderful (and often aesthetically challenging) pieces being created these days that fuse the traditional with the non-traditional...and this is one of them!

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