February 20, 2011

100th Blog Posting!

The Lattimer Gallery blog has been a great success since it was started over two years ago. As a casual way for us to tell our customers and fans about what is new at the gallery, it has acted as an informative supplement to our website.

We would like to use this entry to show you Marcel Russ' unusual argillite rings. He carved two for us recently: one is size 12, and one is size 6 1/2. Argillite isn't often used to create jewellery, but artists occasionally create pieces like this due to the popularity of this black stone. With designs of 'Salmon' and 'Orca with Salmon' these cocktail rings are sure to attract questions and compliments. They are affordable as well, at $300.00 each.

The argillite stone used by Haida carvers is a dark grey carbonaceous shale found at Slatechuck Creek on Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands), British Columbia. Argillite is a relatively soft stone to carve, although it is difficult to obtain large pieces from the quarries. It is also a very fragile stone. The supply of argillite is not in any apparent danger of being exhausted, and only the Haida people can carve it by British Columbian law.

Yay for our 100th posting!

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