February 27, 2011

Steve Smith Collaborative Pole

Harris Smith established an idiosyncratic style of painting during his career that fused Northwest Coast forms with abstraction and unconventional colours. Harris was a dear friend to Lattimer Gallery, and we were terribly upset when he passed away suddenly in 2005. His legacy and atypical artistic style live on through the work of his two sons, Steve Smith and Rod Smith. We have carried the work of Steve and Rod for over ten years and are really impressed with Steve's most recent piece.

Steve recently discovered a model totem pole that Harris was working on before he passed away. Instead of leaving it as is, Steve decided to finish carving it, and then he painted it in his own distinct style. Representing 'Eagle and Orca', this miniature totem measures 20 1/2" x 16" x 8" and is available for $4,500.00 CAD. What a wonderful and touching collaborative effort!

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