April 17, 2011

Robin Rorick Sacred Four

Lattimer Gallery is now carrying a new limited edition print by young Haida artist, Robin Rorick. This print is titled 'Sacred Four' and measures 24 1/4" x 30". It is available for $200.00 CAD.

Robin's design uses bold formline and symmetry to represent the necessary balance between the four sacred elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. The abstract composition of traditional ovoids, split U's and salmon trouthead shapes reflect the elements in their purest form: their emergent form.

For thousands of years in the time of our ancestors, this sacred balance was acknowledged and respected. In creation we are pure, as is the Earth. When we lose our respect for any of these sacred elements, we are disrupting the balance. Everything in our lives is made up of these elements. We live in a time of greed and corruption. People do not acknowledge the importance of respect. As a result our world is feeling the effects; we are all feeling the effects.The only way we can change what has been done is to respect ourselves and integrate respect into the way we live our lives. Respect is the way of our ancestors.

-Robin Rorick

While Robin's focus has mainly been on prints and carvings, he intends to expand his knowledge and skills of other mediums in the near future.

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