April 22, 2013

New Panels in the Gallery

We are very excited to have a diverse selection of new panels in the gallery by artists Clinton Work (Kwakwaka'wakw), Dean Hunt (Heiltsuk), James Michels (Metis), and Alano Edzerza (Tahltan).

Clinton Work, Red Cedar Panel, Abstract design, 30" Diameter x 2", $3,200.00 CAD
This unique panel by Clinton Work depicts a cropped Abstract design featuring a slight notion of a Human face in the top right half of the panel. The piece is carved in red cedar and finished with a mixture of carbon powder and furniture wax, leaving it with an understated softness. Every surface of the panel has been knife-finished, which gives the piece added dimension and texture. This piece measures 30” Diameter x 2” and is available for $3,200.00 CAD.

Dean Hunt, Red Cedar Panel, Time Traveller, 25 1/2" x 21 1/2" x 1 7/8", $2,500.00 CAD
Dean Hunt’s panel is inspired by a mid-19th century Heiltsuk bentwood box painted by Captain Carpenter and features a Human figure. The twelve white feathers along the top of the panel represent the twelve moons. This panel, titled Time Traveller, measures 25 ½” x 21 ½” x 1 7/8” and is available for $2,500.00 CAD.

James Michels, Red Cedar Panel,. Eagle design, 27" Diameter, $2,600.00 CAD
This panel by Metis/Cree artist James Michels is hand-carved and painted in red cedar with beautiful textured areas. The bold design depicts Eagle, a symbol of power, knowledge, peace and friendship. This piece measures 27” Diameter and is available for $2,600.00 CAD.

Alano Edzerza, Etched Glass Panel, His Blanket of Faces, 33" x 32", $5,000.00 CAD

Lastly, we have a new etched-glass panel with a red cedar mount by Tahltan artist Alano Edzerza. This elegant piece is contemporary in style and technique and features a Chilkat design. Chilkat weavings, named for the Chilkat tribe in Tlingit territory, are worn by high-ranking people and they have great symbolic power in the designs. This piece, titled His Blanket of Faces, measures 33” x 32” and is available for $5,000.00 CAD.

Left: Phil Gray, Red Cedar Panel, Ki

llerwhale design, 36" Diame

ter; Right: Rande Cook, Killerwhale design, 36" Diameter

In addition to the pieces in the gallery, we currently have five panels in the works for a custom order. The two pictured here are by artists Rande Cook (Kwakwaka’wakw) and Phil Gray (Tsimshian/Cree).

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