October 19, 2009

Reading Glasses by Corrine Hunt

Kwakwaka'wakw artist Corrine Hunt, in cooperation with North Vancouver's Panabo Limited, has designed several versions of hand-cut and filed reading glasses. Available in a variety of strengths and colours, these glasses are undeniably unique and "eye-catching". In addition, it is easy for any optometrist to swap the reading lenses for prescription lenses. Please contact the gallery for availability.

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Rosyln said...

I'm a long-time friend of Gloria Kaplan and she told me about the glasses by Corrine Hunt.

I'm very interested in a pair. Please let me know the sizes and colors. I'm interested in the Raven design. I'm petite and have a small face and head.

Gloria always raves about your gallery and Leona.
LOok forward to hearing from you. Roslyn Tunis